Bellows Servo Motor Coupling



Usage/Application Servo Motors
Degree Of Bend 1.5 D Misalignment Compensation
Material SS
Torque 1 to 3000 Nm
Length Up to 103 mm
Temperature Up to 60 D C
Bores Range 3-25 mm
Minimum Order Quantity 1

Product Description

A type of shaft coupling basically comprised of two hubs or flanges with a flexible metal bellows joined between them. As with all flexible shaft couplings their intent is to transmit rotary power while absorbing misalignment loads between the coupled shafts. Often referred to as “Servo Bellow Coupling” they are specifically used for their high level of torsional stiffness and low moment of inertia, facilitating rapid and precise transmission of angle and torque.


Features of  Servo Bellow Coupling:

1.No gap,high torque,anti-oil and anti-corrosion resistance

2.Identical clockwise and anticlockwise ratational characteristics

3.Absorb vibration,parallel,angular and axial misalignment

4.High temperatures,high torque capacity and excellent response

5.Keep constant work under misalignment

6.Stainless steel,good performence

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