Flexible Mechanical Servo Motor Coupling



Product Item Flexible Mechanical Servo Motor Coupling
Bore Diameter(d1~d2) 3mm ~ 20mm
Outer Diameter(D) 15mm ~ 50mm
Length(L) 23mm ~ 56mm
Bore Tolerance ISO standard H7
Keyway Tolerance DIN6885/1 JS9
Application Widely used in various machanical and hydraulic fields
Material Aluminum Alloy, Steel, Stainless Steel, Iron, Metal, PVC
Feature Small dimension, low weight, high transmitted torque
Finishing Anodized, Black Oxide, Polished
Advantage Compensating the axial relative drift, buffer and vibration reduction


– light weight, small size;

– high-strength aluminum alloy, anodized;

– function of anti-oil corrosion;

– absorb vibration, compensate for radial, angular deviation and Zero Backlash;

– Suitable for motors, encoders, screw driver and machine platform;

– micro-motors and other precision industrial machinery;

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