High Elastic Stainless Sleeve Bellow Servo Motor Shaft Coupling



outer diameter 82mm, length 95mm; shaft diameter 1 is 35mm, shaft diameter 2 is 35mm;
fixed type is the clamping screw fixed.


Model D D1 D2 L L1 d1 d2 M1 M2
ZBW82-95 82 62 80 95 87 24 25 30 35 M6 M5
ZBW90-98 90 66 87 98 90 25 30 35 40 M6 M5

The above is the standard size, other sizes are required, please specify when ordering

Please carefully refer to the following technical parameters selection

D L Fix ( N.m) Max Torque
Corrective Ability Others
Diameter (MM ) Axial (MM ) Angel (º) Max Speed (rpm) Fastening Torque( )
82 95 120 240 0.4 0.8 2.8 4000 12
90 98 180 360 0.4 0.8 2.8 3000 12

Advantage reference:

(1) Easy to install, maintenance free, resistant to oil and corrosion
(2) Good elasticity and good protection equipment
(3) Absorbs vibration, compensates for radial, angular, and axial deviations
(4) Suitable for shaft coupling with small torque, such as stepper motor, encoder main drive small torque
(5) Suitable for one-way force transmission, not suitable for transmission with positive and negative force
(6) Stainless steel bellows material, stable performance
(7) The clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics are identical Easy disassembly and assembly, zero rotation clearance, high temperature resistance
(8) Elastic bellows structure compensates for radial, angular, and axial deviations Keep the constant speed work in the presence of deviation
(9) Suitable for screw drive, servo control automation system, CNC machine tools, etc.

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