Servo Insert Couplings



The Servo-Insert Couplings are used wherever vibration damping is required. By an optimization of the spider an increased shaft misalignment compensation is achieved. The power transmission happens through a positive-locking keyway connection.A further positive property of the servo insert couplings is that they are pluggable, so they can be assembled quickly and easily even under difficult assembly conditions. The many different varieties of the hub style include shaft fixing with set screws, with clamp hubs and with outer conical hubs. Customers will find that the most popular type, as always, is with the clamping hubs as they ensure the fastest assembly/disassembly without leaving marks on the shafts. Torque range varies from as low as 1.2Nm up to 940Nm on the largest sizes. Other advantages include an extremely compact design and minimum mass and inertia as standard. They offer high resistance against environmental influences and temperatures as well as being non-wearing and therefore maintenance free.